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45G Brazilian Beauties Std 12ft.jpg
45g Sea grape std_edited.jpg

45g Brazilian  Beautyleaf

45g Seagrape Std


At SGB Plant Sales, Inc., we understand your need for well formed trees and plants that will pass inspection. We have years of experience selling trees and understand your needs when dealing with different inspection processes. 

We will always strive to provide you with the best plant material available at a reasonable price.

FG Pink tabebuia 16-20' .jpg

Pink Tabebuia 16-20' 

FG Red Cedar Brodies 12'-18'.jpg

Red Cedar Brodies 12'-18'


 Clusia Guttifera Std 16ft oa

FG Pink Tababuia std 16to20ft oa.jpg

Pink Tabebuia Std 16-20' oa

Clusia Rosea Bush 8' x 5'

FG PodoMaki 42inch bag 11ft.jpg

Podocarpus 'Maki' 11ft 

FG Podocarpus Makki 12ft.jpg

Podocarpus 'Maki' 14ft

FG Gumbo Limbo 16'.jpg

FG Gumbo Limbo 16'

FG Satin Leaf 14to18ft oa.jpg

FG Satin Leaf 14-18' oa

FG Podocarpus Makii Std 12'-14'.jpg

FG Podocarpus Maki Std 12-14'

FG Eagelston FTB 14'oa.jpg

FG Eagelston Holly FTB 14' oa

FG Green Buttonwood Conocarpus erectus .jpg

FG Green Buttonwood Bush, Conocarpus erectus 

FG Eag Holly 14t16gt.jpeg

FG Ilex Nelly R Stevens 14-16ft

FG Ilex Eagleston 14-16' FTB.jpg

FG Ilex Eagleston 14-16' FTB

FG East Palatka Holly Bush FTB 14ft.jpg

FG Ilex Nelly R Stevens 14ft FTB

FG Nelly Stevens FTB 14' .jpg

FG Ilex Nelly R Stevens 14'

FG Roya2lPoinc16ft.jpg

FG Royal Poinciana16ft

FG GumLimbo 14t16ft.jpg

FG Gumbo Limbo 14-16ft

FG Hong Kong Orchid 12t14ft.jpg

FG Hong Kong Orchid 12-14ft

FG Ligustrum 10X10' .jpg

FG Ligustrum 10'x10' 

FG Jamacian Caper Std 8-9'oa.jpg

FG Jamaican Caper Std 8-9'oa

FG Calaphyllum14ft3inC.jpg

FG Calaphyllum 14'  3 inch Caliper

FG Hong Kong Orchid 14'.jpg

FG Hong Kong Orchid 14'

FG Magnolia Southern 30to35ft.jpg

FG Southern Magnolia 30-35ft

FG SEAGRAPE Std 12-14'.jpg

FG Seagrape Std 12-14'

FG Buddha belly bamboo 12to14ft.jpg

FG Buddha Belly Bamboo 12-14ft

FG Graceful Bamboo Weaver's Bamboo 18to24ft.jpg

FG Graceful Bamboo Weaver's Bamboo 18-24ft

FG Bald Cypress 14ft.jpg

FG Bald Cypress 14ft

FG Japanese Fern Tree 10to12ft.jpg

FG Japanese Fern Tree 10-12ft

FG Seagrape 12ft.jpg

FG Seagrape12ft Multi

Loading Seagrape Big Bushy.jpg

FG Seagrape14ft Multi

FG Red Maple 14-18' 3inch Cal.jpg

FG Red Maple 14-18' 3" Caliper

FG Wild Tamarand 12'.jpg

FG Wild Tamarand 12'



FG Crape Myrtle Multi 22'  Natchez Muskogee.jpg

FG Crape Myrtle Multi 22'  Muskogee & Natchez available in this size

FG Magnolia Virginiana 20' Std.jpg

FG Magnolia Virginiana 20' Std

FG Crape Myrtle Standard 25'x20'.jpg

FG Crape Myrtle Std 25'x20' Muskogee & Natchez available in this size

FG Crape Myrtle Std 14-16'.jpg

FG Crape Myrtle Std 14-16'

FG Magnolia DD Blanchard 16'.jpg

FG Magnolia DD Blanchard 16'

FG DD Blanchard 12t14ft.jpg

Magnolia 'DD Blanchard' 16' oa

FG Magnolia DD Balanchard 14'.jpg

FG Magnolia DD Blanchard 14'

FG Magnolia DD Blanchard 24'.jpg

FG Magnolia DD Blanchard 24-25'

FG Live Oak 18-20ft oa 8inch Cal.jpg

FG Live Oak 18-20' 8inch Cal

FG Live Oaks 18'oa 5-6inch Cal.jpg

FG Live Oaks 18'oa 5-6inch Cal

FG Live Oak 7in Cal.jpg

FG Live Oak 7 inch Cal

FG CrapeMscogee12ft2inC.jpg

FG Crape Myrtle Muskogee

FG WeepBottle 12ft.jpg

FG Bottlebrush Std

FG Silver Buttonwood Bush14'x14'.jpg

FG Silver Buttonwood Bush14'x14'

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