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Interior Plant Gallery

At SGB Plant Sales, Inc.  We understand your need for the perfect interior plants. We only ship high quality material that have been shaded and prepared for your next project. 

7g/14" Schefflera - Amate

Strelitzia nicolai 'White Bird of Paradise'

Chamaedorea 'Bamboo Palm'

7g /14" Warnecki Lemon Lime

3g/10" Philo.  Monstera Totem

10" Bromelida Imperialis Silver

Philodendron 'Imperial Red'

Agave 'Americana'

7g/14" Marginata, Staggered

7g/14" pot Ficus Lyrata Bush

14" Mass Cane 4-3-2'

7g/14" Pothos - Totem - 6' Pole

25g Ficus Audrey 10-11ft  Ficus benjamina 'Audrey' Weeping Fig

Varigated Agave

Bromeliad 'Royal Burgandy'

7g/14" Rhapis Palm 

7g/14" Chamadorea, Bamboo Palm

25g/21" Lyrata Standard 

15g Hawaiian Kentia Palm

Cereus peruvianus

Codiaeum variegatum 'Mammey' Croton, 3g

14" Dieffenbachia 

15g/17" Ficus Amstel, Std. 7'

25g/21" Ficus Lyrata, Std. 11'

3g/10" Pothos Totem

7g/14" Cat Palm

7g/14" Bromeliad Imperialis Red

Dracaena fragrans 'Massangeana' Corn Plant

3g, Aglaonema 'Mary Ann'

Prickly Pear Cactus

3g/10" Varigated Ginger

7g/14" Ficus Burgandy 

Rubber Tree, Std

25g Ficus Amstel Std. 7-8'

Tillandsia Xerographica 

Giant Air Plant 

3g/10" Philo Totem

ZZ Plant

Sansevieria zeylanica - Snake Plant, Mother in law's tongue

10", Spathiphyllum

3g, Aspidistra elatior

3g, Dieffenbachia amoena 'Tropic Snow' Dumb Cane

25g/21" Adonidia, Christmas Triple

10" HB Boston Fern

 Aechmea Del Cielo

15g, Alocasia California

3g, Colocasia 'Hawaiian Blue'

1g, Bromeliad 'Super Fireball'

3g, Philodendrum 'Monstera'

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