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3g Bougainvillea bush Asst.jpg

3g Bougainvillea Bush

2g Spider Airplane plant HB.jpg

2g Spider Airplane plant HB

Codiaeum variegatum Croton 'Petra', 3 Gallon 

 Mandevilla - Red 3 Gallon - Tee Pee


Hibiscus Asst Colors - 3 gallon 

Mandevilla - Red, 3 Gallon - Trellis 24"x24"


3g Calathea Prayer plant HB.jpg

3g Calathea Prayer plant HB

3g Fire Bush Dwarf 

3g Calathea Peacock.jpg

3g Calathea Peacock

15g Oleander - Hot Pink

Sword Ferns 3G / 10"

Cordyline, Red Sister  3 Gallon  24 x 18"

15g Croton 'Magnificent

Bougainvillea - Barbra Karst 100 Gallon Trellis

Allamanda cathartica 'Golden Butterfly', 3 Gallon



Croton 'Magnificent', 15 Gallon


 3G Tibouchina urvilleana

Cannas, 3G

7g Croton Curly Boy 

Scheffalera Trinett, 3 Gallon 20"x 20"

15GBarbra Karst Bougainvillea 5' trellis.jpg

15g Bougainvillea Barbra Karst  5' Trellis

Bougainvillea, Multi Color - Mix Standard Braid 25 Gallon 6' x 3'

Mandevilla - Pink, 8" HB


3g, Red Pinecone Shrimp Plant  

3g Rex Begonia Trellis.jpg

3g Rex Begonia Trellis

Varigateed Shell Ginger

Bougainvillea Multi Colors - 45 Gallon Trellis

3g Draceana Rikki.jpg

3g Draceana Rikki

7g Alocasia Sarian.jpg

7g Alocasia Sarian

Bougainvillea Std., 45 Gallon 


Our staff at SGB is constantly updating our website to bring you the most current pictures of what we are seeing in the fields and nurseries. We can be found on Plant Ant and Plant Finder. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call, email or text. 



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